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  3. Click on Demo  Quiz,   you will reach the quiz setup.
  4. Look for your target Exam on quiz setup   select category for subject wise demo or All in this category for combined demo  
  5. Click on Setup and your demo quiz will start instantly.
  6. As soon as you click on FINISH you can see the complete Report and know your performance…. And View answers  
  7. Get charged with your Knowledge Quotient….Warm up your Brain Muscles…..Hit the Bulls Eye!!!

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Thanks for choosing the Demo Test!!!  It’s absolutely FREE!!! By taking the Demo Test you got  a hint on the type of questions that come in your  target exam . 

Tremendous efforts have been put in by our team of highly professional Subject Matter Experts to design these Test Papers.  Every minute detail printed in the test papers is completely verified and scrutinized by our Subject Matter Experts. The questions content, the answers given as options to the questions, everything is minutely checked, validated, verified and then passed through our rigorous quality standards. 


To  prepare well and achieve success in your target exam  BUY the complete package and get  your Login ID activated and  START with your preparation.  All the best!

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